Oialla Organic Chocolate

Oialla chocolate is an organic Danish award-winning chocolate, made from wild cocoa beans.

Oialla Organic Chocolate

Oialla is the purest imaginable kind of chocolate and we control the entire process from beans to bars.

Oialla Organic Chocolate

Our chocolate is recognized by professional chefs at some of the best restaurants in the world.

Oialla Organic Chocolate

Our chocolate is recognized by professional chefs at some of the best restaurants in the world.

New International Organic Awards

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Oialla follows the cocoa from harvest to the finished chocolate. We control every step of the supply chain and work closely together with our partners in Bolivia. Bean-to-bar production gives Oialla the means to create a pristine chocolate with a pure and unpresidented flavour.

When Oialla started in 2010 few paid attention to bean-to-bar or single origin chocolate. Today ambitious chocolatiers and companies have realised the potential of knowing where the cocoa comes from. Using wild cocoa gives us the oppurtunity to create an exclusive chocolate while caring for the environment and the indigenous people of Baures, Bolivia.

About Us

Master chocolatier Rasmus Bo Bojesen founded the company in 2010.

Rasmus Bo Bojesen dreamt of creating hes own organic chocolate. At that time, he was a trained chocolatier and had worked professionally with chocolate for many years. But they struggled to find organic cocoa of sufficiently high quality. The search went on for years.

In Bolivia Oialla cooperate with a small bolivian family business. They work with collecting the beans and the part of the processing that may take place in the jungle. This with collaboration has grown into a friendship between this familiy despite the long distance between Denmark and Bolivia.

Danida has provided financial assistance and secured high standards for CSR and productivity. Today, Rasmus Bo Bojesen continuously receives these beautiful pure cocoa beans, which are made into organic chocolate of a very special caliber in close cooperation with a smaller organic certified Danish chocolate factory.

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